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Xinyuxiang has more than 15 years of experience in global steel trading, we provide both steel mills and end-users with professional, efficient, and reliable value-added services, and continue to optimize the global steel supply chain that we have built. Another important aspect of our business is building and maintaining close partnerships with globally renowned organizations that specialize in areas such as logistics, banking, insurance, commodity inspection, consulting training, and office management.

Among our business partners, there are over 1000 regular clients, over 200 steel mills with long-term cooperation, over 8 internationally renowned banks, over 20 integrated and effective logistics companies, over 3 prudent and reliable insurance companies, over 5 third-party commodity inspection companies, and 4 well-established management consulting companies. These partners provide invaluable support to the infrastructure of our global network.

At Xinyuxiang, we put our hearts into everything we do. We aspire to be the industry leader with exceptional services, innovative ideas, and a global vision. We are honored by the opportunity to contribute to the continued growth of the steel industry at large and that of each and every one.

Quality control

Prior to production, we communicate with customers comprehensively to specify product applications, standards, and special requirements in terms of quality and size and enter them into strict agreement with the mill accordingly to implement production. In the process of production, we supervise the production process of mills and conduct sampling inspection on the quality of the products. Prior to shipment, we engage internationally known third party inspection organizations, such as SGS, BV, Intertek, to carry out strict inspection and recheck product appearance, dimensions, and quantity, before supervising hoisting, bundling up, and reinforcement to guarantee that the delivered products fulfill the requirements of our customers. Over 1000 third-party inspection reports are provided per year.

Logistics support

We provide transportation services including container, break bulk, air transport, rail transport, warehousing, and international combined transport, and design reasonable transportation methods in connection with customer demand and cargo characteristics and with comprehensive consideration on safety measures such as lashing, securing, and storage. We also maintain great cooperative relationship with major ship owners, ports, shipping agents, and insurance companies for major shipping lines, bring on-time transportation guarantee and price advantage in logistics through scale effect and long-term steady cargo transportation demands, and provide safe, efficient, comprehensive logistics services at a lower price.

Value-added Service

We maintain close relations with various global banks that give us access to the international funding market. We are therefore able to offer various sales terms and value-added financing solutions to the clients at a competitive cost.

After-sale service

From our establishment to now, Xinyuxiang has adhered to the principle of integrity and consider it as the life of a corporate. We perform corresponding after-sales service and solve cargo damage as well as internal quality defects which occur after delivery strictly according to terms and contracts.