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Matters needing attention in the use of aluminum plates

Source:Wuxi Xinyuxiang Metal Products Co., Ltd.    Time:18 Nov 2022

In life, aluminum panels can be made into various magical and unique beautiful surfaces by architects. These materials have a strong sense of the times and technology, as well as high artistic appeal. However, there are still some aspects that need to be paid attention to in the use of aluminum plates. Then, what are the precautions in the use of aluminum plates? The following technicians will answer for you:

Matters needing attention in the use of aluminum plates:

1. Conditions of use of aluminum panels: Inner wall panels should be used indoors and should not be installed outdoors to ensure the use effect and service life.

2. Aluminum plate installation direction: When installing the same color aluminum plate on the same plane, the process direction should be the same, otherwise it may cause visual color difference.

3. Aluminum plate tearing film: The protective film should be removed within 45 days after the aluminum plate is installed, otherwise it may be difficult to tear the film or remove the glue.

4. Aluminum plate batches: There may be color difference between the same model and different batches of plates. When selling and using different batches of plates, the process of comparing the color difference should be added. Our company mainly deals in alloy aluminum plates, aluminum pattern plates, etc. can only be used on the same plane.

5. Storage and handling of aluminum plates: The plates should be stored in a dry and ventilated place, and placed flat on a flat surface. Do not step on or hit the plates. When handling the plates, the four sides of the plates should be lifted at the same time. noodle.

6. Bending and arc processing of aluminum plate: even force is required when bending, forming once, do not bend repeatedly, otherwise the aluminum plate may be broken, the processing arc should be processed by special bending equipment, and the force should be gradually applied to make the plate gradually reach the required curved surface .Do not bend to form at one time.

7. Aluminum plate slotting: When slotting with a slotting machine or a gong machine, a milling cutter with a semi-round head greater than 90 degrees should be used. The lower knife should not be too deep to damage the aluminum plate, nor too shallow to make it difficult to fold the edges. There is a 0.2-0.3MM thick plastic core material and the aluminum plate to be bent together to increase the strength and toughness, otherwise the aluminum plate may break or the paint film may burst during the bending.

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